Liberation frees Rejuice packs

Rejuice, a new range of smoothies produced in New Zealand and imported by Drinks Express launched last weekend, with packaging design by Liberation Design Consultants.

The product, which will compete with drinks such as Innocent and PJ’s Smoothies, has deliberately taken a more ‘serious’, health-conscious positioning, says Drinks Express managing director Dave Neilson.

‘We needed to be a bit more serious than the other stuff on the market,’ he says. ‘We are more of a premium, upmarket drink and it would be dangerous copying fun brands.’

Bright, vibrant colours are intended to promote shelf-standout, with simple logos and product information. The logo includes a purple lozenge and can be applied to further products and merchandise, says Liberation creative director Liz Gibbons.

The brand name was arrived at after discovering ‘everything else had gone,’ Gibbons says. She adds that it also signifies the ‘re-fuelling’, ‘re-energising’ properties of the drinks.

Neilson confirms plans to introduce a range of organic carbonated drinks to the UK in September.

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