A pint of two halves

While designers tend to lose their hair rather prematurely, in other ways they don’t change at all with age. Their love of beer and football, for example, is tucked away safely in the bank – along with their penchant for thinking outside the box.

This week, The Thomas Saunders Partnership is representing the design community in a human table football tournament, for Save the Children. ‘It’s difficult because we’re all strapped to posts, so if you want to shimmy to the right, everyone else has to shimmy with you,’ says TTSP captain Nick Forwood. ‘Mind you, we’re up for anything, as long as we can have a beer afterwards,’ he adds.

And last week Skidmore Turnbull Design and subsidiary Skidmore Turnbull Leetham staged its inaugural football competition. Of course, a client lifted the trophy – a model of a pint of nectar. But then, you’ve got to keep the suits sweet, haven’t you.

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