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I read the letter from Gavin Thomson (DW 21 April) with a sense of relief. Thank goodness there are like-minded people out there who can see another, more central role for the Internet in our industry.

As graphic designers, we looked at designing our own website a while ago, but we couldn’t come up with a good enough reason to have one. If it is just a portfolio of work, the technical services we offer couldn’t be represented by a set of pixelated images. Instead, we looked at what could be achieved on the Web, and came up with

Designers, artworkers and print production people need to know that they can get help. There are the ubiquitous handbooks and magazines, but they are produced for editorial purposes and are of no help when you want to find a printer for specialised jobs.

The industry prides itself on how incestuous it is, but has never really had the chance to share its knowledge. If nothing else, I’d like to think that can support my old design colleagues. After all, there may be a beer in it!

Jim Ward



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