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With the Cornwall Design Forum’s initiative to launch a regional trade association, how important is regional representation for the design industry and what can the regions do to support national representation for design?

‘The design industry needs organisations and structures that are truly nationwide in their scope. A practical example is the way the Design Business Association is rolling out seminars, debates and training here in Bristol and other regions. Clearly there are benefits all round in developing wider awareness and involvement, as well as simply being a lot more convenient for designers who operate outside of London.’

Jim Orkney, Managing director, Kinneir Dufort

‘Large design projects and regeneration schemes tend to be commissioned nationally. Regional development agencies have problems tackling smaller and more local projects. A co-ordinated framework of national associations, which the Chartered Society of Designers is committed to, would create a national register of designers that operates at local level. I’m not in favour of “closed shops”.’

Brian Webb, President, Chartered Society of Designers

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