Giraffe rebranded as Giraffe World Kitchen by Ragged Edge

The new identity and brand positioning looks to appeal to a wider audience, as well as reflect the restaurant’s globally-influenced food menu.

Brand consultancy Ragged Edge has created a new visual identity and worked on the brand positioning for restaurant chain Giraffe.

The consultancy was briefed to attract a new target audience of “experience-hungry millennials” to the brand, says Ragged Edge co-founder Max Ottignon, while also ensuring that it remains relevant to its “loyal customer base of families”.

The restaurant has been renamed as Giraffe World Kitchen to make it feel more “grown up”, Ottignon adds, while the new brand positioning and identity is based around the concept of “Taste a Whole New World” to reflect the global nature of its food menu.

“Our research revealed a lack of clarity among potential customers around the offer. So we went back to the intention of the founders, who started Giraffe with the idea of travelling the world and bringing back their favourite dishes,” says Ottignon.

A new logo plays on the name of the company, with an extended “F” nodding to the height of a giraffe’s neck.

Bright, warm colour palette

The consultancy has introduced a set of hand-painted typefaces inspired by sign-writing often seen in independent restaurants.

It has also incorporated a brighter, warmer colour palette of pink, yellow, blue and green, offset against white and navy typefaces.

“We wanted a colour palette that represented the brand’s vibrant outlook, but it was important that nothing felt artificial,” says Ottignon. “We began by collecting images of spice markets from around the world and selecting colours that complemented each other tonally, whilst providing a wide range of hues.”

The new identity has been extended to other areas of the business, with interiors by consultancy Harrison, a new communications strategy, menu signage, uniforms and advertising campaigns all being introduced.

The rebrand has now rolled out across all digital and physical touchpoints.

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