Elmwood creates 10 billion logos for Craft

The recruitment company’s changing logo has been designed to reflect that “no two logos are the same, just as no two job seekers are the same”.

01a_CRAFT Master Logo

Elmwood has created a modular identity system for recruitment company Craft, which features patterns that can be used in different places across the wordmark.

Leeds-based Craft recruits for design and digital consultancies and wanted to stand out from the “lacklustre” recruitment industry.

Elmwood’s concept is: “No two logos are the same, just as no two job-seekers or agencies are the same.”

01b_CRAFT Animated Logo

This means that across each touchpoint, including a business card, job application form or a tweet, customers will feel the service is being tailored to them, according to Elmwood.

There are 100 variations of each letter within the word Craft, which makes 10 billion combinations.

Initially 300 of these have been worked up and the social media and email signature versions are randomly generated within this framework.

03_CRAFT Business Cards RGB

An algorithm alters the website colours each time someone visits it and the logo ticks through several variations.

Elmwood senior designer Ollie Langridge says: “As a creative agency, we’re the exact target audience for Craft, which was a big help when it came to getting into the mindset of who the brand wants to talk to.

“As with all projects, we went wide with our initial concepts, working closely with Craft to identify a clear brand proposition, before refining the big idea of ‘finding you the right fit’.”

04_CRAFT Stationery RGB


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  • Mark Diggins October 15, 2015 at 10:22 am

    I love this – but the homepage is loading images – why aren’t they using the algorithm to generate a code based logo?

  • Kevin Ward October 15, 2015 at 10:32 am

    Very clever 🙂

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