Fred Perry’s new HQ “goes way beyond traditional workspace”

BuckleyGrayYeoman is working on a new headquarters for the fashion brand, which will comprise offices, a showroom and an exhibition space.


BuckleyGrayYeoman has designed the new headquarters for fashion brand Fred Perry, which will fan out across three 19th century warehouse buildings in London’s Mount Pleasant.

The 2,230m2 space will comprise offices, showrooms and an exhibition space when complete.

A place to “display, refine and talk about its brand”

When the building opens in 2016, BuckleyGrayYeoman director Paul White says it will go “way beyond the idea of a traditional workplace” and offer the company a place to “display, refine and talk about its brand”.

The showrooms and gallery will form an important part of the function of the building, according to White, who says the Victorian warehouse buildings are “perfectly in tune” with the Fred Perry brand.

“Our job became to celebrate the existing, embellishing it with the Fred Perry personality,” he adds.

Developing a design language

BuckleyGrayYeoman has designed store interiors for Fred Perry in the UK, across Europe and in the Far East.

In doing so it has developed a design language which is rooted in “urban British street style” and takes a stripped back approach featuring robust materials and exposed surfaces offset by “high quality details” and the application of striking graphics.

Playing with scale

The new headquarters will feature wall graphics which play with the viewers’ sense of scale and an oversized version of the laurel-wreath logo will be created from rope in reference to its appearance on shirts.

The gallery space will be curated to reference the heritage of the brand and an original Fred Perry loom is to sit permanently in the centre of the room.

It will lead onto the showroom spaces on the ground floor and a mezzanine level where collections can be shown in a changing custom-designed environment.

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