Christmas booking

Which particular book would designers like for Christmas this year? Design Week takes a look at a few stocking fillers. Research by Natalie Adams

‘Human Achievement by David Shrigley, published by Redstone Press. There aren’t many books that you could give indiscriminately to your mum, your granny, your dog and your friends, but this is it, the perfect stocking filler and certain to break the Christmas stupor.’

Marion Deuchars, Illustrator

‘I’ve recently started collecting old 1970s Mills & Boon romance novels. Not because of their poetic content, but purely because of the fabulous illustrations on the covers. Even the titles are superb: Bachelor Doctor and Tethered Liberty are among my favourites. My best Christmas present would be a copy of Serpent in Paradise by Rosemary Carter.’

Harriet Devoy, Creative director, The Chase

‘I would like Fruits by Shoicki Aoki, a collection of Tokyo street fashion portraits published by Phaidon. I went to Japan last summer for the World Cup and took lots of similar photos of all these young Japanese people posing in amazing outfits – half gothic and half punk.’

Colin Gifford, Partner, Blast

‘I would love the complete set of A Wainwright’s totally handdrawn and handwritten Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells. It’s one of the most beautifully innocent pieces of information design on one of my favourite places in the world.’

Ben Tibbs, Partner, Automatic

‘What is Graphic Design? by Quentin Newark, published by RotoVision. I’ve been looking for an answer to this question for a long time. Perhaps at last I’ll find the answer in Newark’s book. Of course, if I don’t get a satisfactory explanation, my Christmas will be totally ruined.’

Adrian Shaughnessy, Creative director, Intro

‘I would like Moments Preserved by Irving Penn and Observations by Richard Avedon with comments by Truman Capote – both published by Simon and Schuster. Browns partner Graham Taylor is trying to flog them to me at the moment and at over £300 a pop they’re serious books.’ m

Jonathan Ellery, Partner, Browns

‘If I really have to choose a piece of print that I would love to own, pore over and relish it would be Irma Boom’s SHV Thinkbook. What a luxurious piece of design, suitably rich and indulgent for the Christmas season. But, what I really, really want is a Gary Hume painting, Peonies 2002. I think it costs about £80 000 so we’ll see. Oh yes, and an Unforgiven poster for my dad.’

Frances Jackson, Founder, OPX

‘The Designer and the Grid by Lucienne Roberts and Julia Thrift, published by RotoVision. It’s a really well thought out and researched book with strong contributors and content. Don’t be put off by the somewhat dull and uninspired title.’

Ben Parker, Co-founder, Made Thought

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