12 February 2009

Jo Bird’s limited edition bookbindings

With books set to move into the digital era with e-readers, bookbinders such as Jo Bird are fighting a rearguard action by creating exquisite, hand-crafted limited editions. Trish Lorenz talks

News in Pictures

Ron Arad will present his latest design-art creations, including chairs made from bronze and stainless steel rods, at the New Works exhibition, which runs from 8 April to 9 May

Art for the masses

The Russian Revolution gave birth to many movements, with Constructivism one of the most active forces to emerge. Rarely is an artistic movement so closely linked to socio-political circumstance, and

Don’t make life complicated

Finding the right treatment for a global brief is a challenge for any copywriter, but the simplest solutions are often the most successful, says Mark Shaw

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