Dragon warms up butter packs

Dragon International has redesigned the packaging for Lurpak butter to give it a “warmer” feeling to appeal to all consumers.

Research showed the product, which has 19 per cent of the UK butter market, was seen as unfriendly and cold.

The group, which has a long relationship with brand owner MD Foods, responded by introducing a bigger logo and a script typeface for “Danish Butter”.

Dragon International partner Jane Mann says: “The design reflects the values of a long established brand while bringing it up to date in an appealing and approachable way.”

*Dragon International has also redesigned Barclays Bank’s transaction and information services materials to be “more modern and progressive”.

Consultancy senior partner Philip Griffiths says: “The design is both innovative and stylish, using key messages in languages from around the world to convey the global perspective of the organisation.”

The work, which includes brochures, product information sheets, and multimedia presentations, is currently being rolled out.

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