Continental flavour given by coffee bean

Manchester design group Montage Bridgewater Barron has created the graphics for Java Bar Espresso, the first of a proposed chain of coffee bars.

Brothers Colin and Keith Loftus have opened the first café in the heart of Manchester’s clubland and worked on interiors themselves. They are planning further outlets in Greater Manchester and other UK cities.

MBB came up with a coffee bean logo for the chain featuring a tweaked centre to form the letter J. The identity will be adapted to suit alternative locations, says MBB design director Jim Barron.

“The aim was to create something which in essence had the flavour of a European coffee bar and a look of quality,” he adds.

The marketing communications consultancy is now working on packaging for the chain which plans to sell its own Java Bar Espresso branded coffee. It is also handling the chain’s sales promotion and advertising.

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