Jenkins quits CSD presidency

Chartered Society of Designers president Nick Jenkins has resigned following a decision by the society’s executive committee to pull out of the on-going review of design industry representation.

Vice-president Adrianne LeMan has taken over as president in the interim, but the situation will have to be resolved through the society’s constitution. The AGM is scheduled for 25 June.

LeMan cannot comment fully on the decision to withdraw from the review. But she says: “While we support and applaud the aims of the concept behind the review and conference, we believe the process being adopted will not achieve those aims.”

Jenkins, who took office last June, had pledged support for the review as CSD president, even though it could result in the merger of the CSD and Design Business Association.

He says: “For years I’ve championed the cause of getting the design industry together. The one opportunity to do this has been passed up by a vote [of the committee] in favour of pulling out. My position is untenable.”

LeMan is “extremely sorry” about Jenkins’ resignation, but says it’s not unknown for a president to resign after one year.

The CSD will not now pay the 5000 it had pledged to the cost of the review if the process remains as it is at present, says LeMan. The Design Council has committed 25 000 to the project, with the DBA stumping up 5000.

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