Taunton Sweet Cider’s brand Blackthorn Sweet, is relaunching as Autumn Gold. Robson Dowry Associates in Bristol has created new packaging with a feminine bias to appeal to its core market.

Midlands consultancy Haigh Thornley has completed a Birmingham “image brochure”. The 40-page book includes 28 front cover variants customised for sponsors. The project cost 100 000.

Recently launched design group 313Y, financed by Stewart Fenn Marketing, is to redesign lifestyle magazine Homestyle.

Surrey group Halliday’s Design & Communication has created a set of wine labels for José Maria da Fonseca’s Primum range. The product is being sold through restaurants and hotels in the UK and Europe.

Tidy Britain Group is launching its seasonal campaign, National Spring Clean, with design work by Tucker Clarke-Williams. The Stockport group created promotional leaflets, posters, a youth pack and a Clean-Up Kit.

The Property Marketing & Design Awards failed to attribute the design of some of the material which won best of show to Cog Design (DW 27 February). The south London consultancy created a winning brochure for the Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, using an identity by Tangerine.

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