Yves Behar collaborates with Samsung on new television designed to blend into the home

When the television is off it enters “art mode” where customers can choose from an archive of images – licensed from artists around the world – which react to the light conditions of the room.

Swiss designer Yves Behar has collaborated with Samsung on a new television, which is thin enough to disguise itself as a picture frame when it’s switched to “art mode”.

When it’s turned on The Frame functions as a smart television, but when it’s turned off it can show a collection of artworks chosen by the owner from a library of lisenced professional artworks.

These might include prints, drawings, photography and paintings. To this end curator Elise Van Middelem has been recruited to work with artists from around the world and license their work.

There is also the opportunity for people to upload their own images such as family photos.

The product features a low energy display. In addition to this, sensors and mirrors can detect the lighting and movement in the room, adjusting the backlighting on the screen accordingly.

This has the effect of making the art look as real as possible. It is encased in a customisable frame, set in a choice of natural materials.

The collaboration was born out of the idea that a television could be thought of “not as a consumer electronics product but as part of our home,” says Behar.

He adds: “Just adding art works to a TV wasn’t the solution. While the idea of a display showing artwork is not new – the fundamental difference with The Frame is that art is at the core of its design and experience.”


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  • Nick Corston March 16, 2017 at 10:48 am

    Fantastic idea and nicely executed and not rocket science.

    Lots of negatives though… the ultimate Big Brother telly, esp after the CIA telly hacking scare.

    Also potential eco disaster leaving telly on just because it looks nice. WOuld be amazing if they could get a screen like paperwhite Kindles that keep the image up with no power consumption.

    An idea that’s so close…. but yet so far

  • neil March 16, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Is this new? I made a frame to fit my TV to which I clip one of my paintings or run a display of photos, paintings, etc. from a USB stick.

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