Zizzi reimagines the “social night in” with modular takeaway packaging

Pearlfisher has redesigned the restaurant chain’s packaging for its takeaway service, with the aim of making it take up less space and enabling food to be shared more easily.

Consultancy Pearlfisher has redesigned the packaging for restaurant chain Zizzi’s takeaway service.

The Italian restaurant brand, which was founded in 1999, already had a takeaway service, but was only able to offer a limited menu due to its existing packaging design.

Pearlfisher’s 3D, graphic and realisation design team was briefed to create a new takeaway packaging system that would champion the “social night in”, says the consultancy.

“The whole challenge was around designing a system that would provide consumers with the same, distinctly Zizzi, experience in the home as they get in the restaurants,” says Pearlfisher associate creative director for 3D and experiential design Mike Beauchamp, “Both by being able to order the full menu to take away, ensuring that the food arrives at consumers’ homes with the same great presentation and – of course – still hot.”

The consultancy has created new regular-sized and “double-deckered” pizza boxes, a side box, tub, plate, bread bag and retail bag, all of which are designed to fit inside bags used by Deliveroo’s drivers to deliver the food.

Beauchamp says: “We designed each element of Zizzi’s takeaway packaging with both modularity and multiple usage in mind. Pizza boxes become sharing platters and side containers fold out into mini-tables, but everything fits together perfectly to conserve space in delivery.”

The “double-deckered” box enables the restaurant to deliver its Rustica pizza by cutting it in half and splitting it across two levels. A side box for starters, sharing plates and desserts folds out flat to make sharing food more easy. All of the cardboard packaging features a die-cut Zizzi logo that highlights the brand’s name in a bright colour when the box is closed.

Meanwhile, a microwavable, freezable and recyclable plate looks to evoke the crockery used in the restaurant and sees a transparent lid that keeps different elements of a dish separated until the food is delivered. The retail bag has been adapted to reflect each restaurant’s unique design aesthetic, and bright coloured stickers written on by restaurant staff are used to identify individual dishes.

The new packaging design is currently rolling out nationwide.

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  • Ted Norman November 16, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Love the double decker concept, what a great idea.

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