Gyro gives work added Dimension

Gyro completes the first tranche of artwork this week on a global literature project for IT giant Dimension Data, which will earn the group up to £400 000 in fees.

Dimension Data operates eight major divisions in 30 countries. The consultancy has been briefed to update brand collateral and sales materials across the globe for the South Africa-based company, which is listed on both the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges. The design job will include brochures, sales guides, fact sheets and all internal communications material.

Gyro account director Chris Hare says, ‘We’ve been asked to rewrite all its print work and give it a modern spin, developing some real content in the process. The company currently finds it hard to tell people what it does. We need to take each division and give it a strong story while bolting it together with the main Dimension Data vision. Continuity in going to market is vital.’

An extensive interview and research exercise with stakeholders has preceded creative development, with the aim of uncovering ‘stories’ that can inform the content design.

Gyro creative director Jay Purcell is leading the design team. According to Hare, the ‘first three solution sets’ – literature ‘toolkits’ for three of the eight divisions – will be delivered in March.

The project is expected to last six months. Gyro was appointed in December 2002 after a pitch against undisclosed groups.

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