Beck’s appeal

The shortlist of six for Beck’s Futures, the provocative annual art event hosted by the Institute of Contemporary Arts, has been revealed. At stake is not only the kudos of the prize, but a healthy cheque – the winner will receive £25 000, and £40 000 wil

From Another Graveyard

1. Lali Chetwyd, still from performance: An Evening with Jabba the Hutt, 2004.

2. Daria Martin, still from Closeup Gallery, 16mm, 10 min, 2004

3. Ryan Gander, illustration from the storybook The Boy That Always Looked up from An Incomplete History of Ideas, 2003

4. Christina Mackie, Interzone, 2002

5. Donald Urquhart, from Another Graveyard, 2004/5

6. Luke Fowler, still from What You See is Where You’re At, DVD, 29 mins, 2001

Beck’s Futures 2005 will run from 18 March-15 May at the ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y, moving to the CCA in Glasgow from 28 May-10 July

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