Ford car set to fire up Imagination

Imagination has designed dashboard displays and in-car multimedia for Ford’s latest concept vehicle, launching at the North American Motorshow in Detroit this week.

Called the Mercury Meta One, the car features a mini-cinema screen, safety and child cameras and graphic 3D maps on its satellite navigation system. Imagination’s work encompasses graphics, audio and video animation.

Three graphic interfaces have been created: Zen, Classic (pictured) and Tech. ‘Each element of the interface is presented at the point it’s needed,’ says Ferrar. ‘It’s not all the same size and legibility at the same time.’

Meanwhile, press reports suggest that Ford is planning to relocate its global design function to the UK, with its global design chief J Mays quoted as saying he ‘hopes to add more creative spark to brands’ through the move.

The manufacturer closed the doors on its London-based Ingeni design centre in December 2003 (DW 4 December 2003).

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