Qualtex found guilty

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson has won a case in the High Courts of Justice against Qualtex, a supplies company that was infringing Dyson’s design rights.

In a ruling just before Christmas, a judge found that the Chinese manufacturer that produces spare parts to sell to Qualtex has been copying visual elements of Dyson products, which are protected under British law.

In a statement, Dyson said: ‘Designers and companies invest time and effort into creating products. Often designers do not have the resources to protect their design rights through the courts. Dyson was not trying to stop Qualtex making all spare parts, only those which copy original designs.’

Meanwhile, the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents, which provides intellectual property protection advice, has added two locations to its monthly clinics.

From February, the CIPA clinics will be held in York and North Yorkshire, as well as in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Newcastle upon Tyne.

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