Sieberthead nuts about Just Brazils

Just Brazils has been redesigned by Sieberthead for a mid five-figure fee, to broaden its appeal from a predominantly Christmas gift to a brand enjoyed all year.

The revamped packaging will start to appear from Monday in Safeway stores nationwide and will filter through to independent retailers, says brand manager Claire Archer. Its launch is timed to coincide with Easter.

‘We wanted a chocolate gift box for the top end of the mass market, and to reposition Just Brazils as a year-round gift without excluding the Christmas market,’ Archer says.

The brand, owned by Northern Foods’ Fox’s confectionery division, is aimed at older consumers aged 45 and over, Archer adds.

Sieberthead has enhanced the rainforest credentials of the brazil nuts, says Sieberthead head of graphic design Paula MacFarlane.

‘The box features a message stating that the nuts have been hand-picked from trees up to 1000 years old, living naturally in the South American rainforest,’ MacFarlane explains.

The group was appointed last summer after a creative, unpaid pitch against undisclosed rivals.

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