Nomad develops identity for Sky Live’s AI-powered home workout app Mvmnt

The app’s green and orange gradient colour palette was chosen to “exude pulsating energy” while also indicating how well movements are being performed.

Nomad has designed Sky Live app Mvmnt’s identity, featuring custom lettering in the wordmark and an icon that signifies a “heightened heart pulse rate”.

Mvmnt, which is included with Sky Live, was developed by audio fitness app WithU and Sky Creative and is powered by AI and motion-tracking technology. It offers a variety of workouts demonstrated by qualified coaches on screen. The user copies the movements that the coach is performing, and the tracking system offers notes on how to improve form to ensure the exercise is being done correctly.

Nomad creative director Ash Watkins says the studio set out to design an “energetic and approachable” logo, using the motion tracking technology as inspiration. Taking the first initial of the brand name, Nomad created a letterform-based ‘M’ logomark that mimics the spikes seen on a heart monitor. This notion is reinforced through the motion behaviours applied to the logo.

The wordmark is set in custom lettering and looks to subtly echo qualities of the M symbol. Combinations of “sharp and curved” typographic terminals nod to the “end points” of the symbol, “while feeling both technical and friendly”, says Watkins.

He describes how “the vibrant gradients” of green and orange “exude pulsating energy”. They main brand colours have been paired with “a subdued, calming darker green backdrop” to harmonise the colour palette, Watkins adds.

In the app, the orange-to-green gradient serves a functional purpose, visually communicating the user’s workout performance. Orange signals room for improvement and green indicates that they are performing the move correctly.

Watkins says one of the biggest challenges was deciding how to communicate the AI and motion-tracking technology offering quickly, “without the technology feeling like it dominates the user’s experience”. Photography shot by Olly Burn was part of the solution, as it looks to capture scenes from both “the viewpoint of the camera observing users during exercise” while also showing “the broader home workout environment”.

These images are enhanced by user interface panels that display a continuous stream of instructions and live feedback for the user. Shots feature “lavish interior design” and “understated inclusion of foliage”, which Watkins says is “the ideal backdrop for a successful home workout”. He adds that it was devised to “contrast from the often overwhelming and intense experience of a public gym”.

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  • Neil Littman November 17, 2023 at 1:00 pm

    The way brand names are going, vowels will be extinct in the next ten years…

  • Mike Dempsey November 20, 2023 at 8:12 am

    Yet another squiggly logo. There are so many this year; the worst so far is the idiotic recent rebranding of Wolff Olins.

  • G November 20, 2023 at 10:23 am

    I think you mean xtnct.

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