Tartan type for Scotland brand

The “Scotland country of origin” device was unveiled on Monday to a mixed response. It is part of a national initiative to create new sales opportunities for Scottish companies.

Scotland the Brand, the organisation behind the device, forecasts 30m in new sales over the next three years for companies participating in the initiative.

Asda, Marks & Spencer, Safeway, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have all endorsed the initiative. The marque, designed by WPP-owned Scott Stern Associates, is expected to appear on products ranging from whisky and financial services to higher education.

“It’s a simple design: Scotland with a flourish blends from deep blue to Royal Stuart tartan,” says Scott Stern creative director Jonathan Frewin. The consultancy won the job against Glasgow group Blue Peach.

Scotland the Brand chief executive George Russell describes the device as “simple but not simplistic… modern but capturing our unique heritage”. Tartan, according to Russell, is seen as contemporary and fashionable.

However, Campbell Laird, chairman of the Institute of Packaging for Scotland, is concerned that the four-colour marque will not reproduce well. “Tartan is the most complex thing to print. To capture the deep shadow on packaging is not realistic,” he says.

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