Museum ‘cash crisis’ affects design

The British Museum has put its search for a head of design on hold, is re-evaluating the structure of its design department and may cancel exhibitions as it strives to save money.

Questions hang over the future of several exhibitions following warnings from its outgoing managing director Suzanna Taverne that it is heading for a cash crisis.

A spokeswoman confirms reports that the museum may cancel exhibitions or projects. ‘[None] have been put on hold but it is something we cannot rule out if the current [difficult] economic climate remains the same,’ the spokeswoman says.

Taverne says the museum could be forced to cut opening hours and restrict access to certain galleries.

At Large is designing the museum’s flagship autumn exhibition, Unknown Amazon: Nature and Culture in Ancient Brazil (DW 29 March). The British Museum’s in-house team is designing the forthcoming show, Agatha Christie and Archeology: Mystery in Mesopotamia.

Head of design Margaret Hall retired in February.

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