Meet the graduates: Manchester Metropolitan University’s Libby Collar

As part of our 2023 graduate season coverage, we’re speaking with a selection of graduates from around the UK about their final projects and future plans.

Libby Collar is a 21-year-old BA Graphic Design graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her final project is called iNKOGNiTO.

Design Week: Can you explain your project and motivation for doing it?

Libby Collar: iNKOGNiTO is an app which aims to tackle political apathy among my generation.

I was surprised at how few of my friends were registered to vote or took an interest in social and political issues. However, I discovered that people were willing to participate if it was made accessible to them, which prompted me to create a platform to facilitate these conversations and expressions of opinion.

My intention was to encourage decision making, as well as exposing young people to politics that may affect them. I wanted to create an app which educates, engages and empowers my generation. iNKOGNiTO aims to act as a catalyst for collective participation and political activism.

The use of electoral ink in many parts of the world sparked a vision for the brand. A fundamental component of the branding is the fingerprint, which reflects individuality as well as anonymity. The raw, organic texture of fingerprints is a central brand motif and the name iNKOGNiTO is a nod to a secret ballot.

DW: What was most challenging about the design process?

LC: For my final project, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself by expanding my skill set. This was my first experience designing an app interface and using Adobe XD. Although I quickly arrived at the concept, it was difficult to envisage the outcome before developing the brand.

It was also challenging to establish a consistent, neutral tone of voice, which was not preachy or politically biased, in order to allow people to arrive at their own decisions without influence.

DW: Where do you see your design career in the future?

LC: This project confirmed to me that I feel most passionate about socially conscious design. In the future I’d like to combine my interest in branding with my excitement around design for change.

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