Windsor Castle bash proves to be too much

Elmwood head honcho Jonathan Sands is still shell shocked from a recent evening of hobnobbing at Windsor Castle with the Windsors themselves.

Sands was among a posse of design worthies at the Cool Britannia bash, including Quentin Newark, John Sorrell, Richard Seymour, Rasshied Din and the ever present James Dyson. Such was the enthusiasm for creative types that even architects were let in.

Celebrities such as Michael Caine, Shirley Bassey and Joan Collins were there too. ‘I had to keep pinching myself. I’ve not stopped talking about it since,’ admits Sands. But he confesses to letting his nerves get the better of him when he was introduced to the Queen.

‘I was completely tongue tied,’ he says. It could have been worse. ‘Quentin was so nervous he started answering questions for her,’ reveals Sands.

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