Blacksheep brings New York chic to brasserie-style St Germain

Blacksheep is designing a Parisian brasserie-inspired interior for St Germain, a restaurant that opens next month in London’s Farringdon at the site of a 19th-century printworks.

Neil Walkington, former Will Ricker Restaurants director, is launching the restaurant. It will be his first start-up venture and is likely to mark the beginnings of an effort to build a portfolio of restaurants across London.

Blacksheep was appointed in March to create the branding and interiors for St Germain. The restaurant is located at 89-90 Turnmill Street, alongside Farringdon Station, in a three-storey building.

The venue includes a restaurant and bar area, delineated through different flooring treatments. The restaurant will feature a central dining area and four eating booths. Some of the building’s original features, including supporting pillars and bare-brick walls, are being restored to give a contemporary-industrial look to the restaurant. The walls will be lined with large mirrors and suspended pendant lights on pulleys can move across the ceiling. Blacksheep has also designed the menus, website and external signage.

‘We didn’t want to create the passé French brasserie interior. The design is calm and simple with a casual dining feel,’ says Tim Mutton, managing director at Blacksheep.

St Germain is due to launch on 8 October.

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