BBC graphics team ready to pitch

The BBC’s in-house news resources graphic design team has taken the radical decision to look for work outside the corporation, in an attempt to use spare time constructively and generate income for the department.

Senior designer Sue Hattam will organise this permanent venture, which will involve all of the approximately 60-strong team of news resources designers. It will not have its own name, in accordance with BBC rules.

“We have seven senior designers, and this was a joint decision,” explains Hattam. “Basically, there are periods when our designers don’t have a lot to do. At the moment, for example, Westminster is in recess. We want to use our resources in a positive and creative way.”

Four designers have just completed a title sequence for Thinktank, a programme for Juniper Production, which the new team won a month ago. It has also won a pitch against outside designers to create a title sequence for BBC programme Keep Fit With Brittas.

“We’ll pitch for outside jobs, although I can’t say how at present, and we’ll look at ways of marketing ourselves,” says Hattam, adding: “Individual designers won’t make money but it will boost our department’s income. Money can be spent on training and equipment, for example.”

The members of the design teams will vary. “It will depends on who’s available and suitable,” adds Hattam.

See News Analysis, page 7.

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