Seymourpowell-designed product helps people design their own skincare routine

The consultancy has helped develop a product and app that provides people with a bespoke skincare routine.

Nu Skin 4

Seymourpowell has collaborated with Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. to create an anti-ageing skincare product. 

A new kind of skin care product

The ageLoc Me is a streamlined cylindrical pod that dispenses a combination of Nu Skin products in a special blend curated for each user. There are 2,000 possible combinations of Nu Skin products and the device provides 30 days of skin care at a time.

By using an accompanying app, the customer can personalise their skincare routine, and the Nu Skin products are then released from cartridges held in the top of the device.

Seymourpowell designed the cartridges as wedge shapes that fit together in a circle. As well as being an efficient use of space, the designers say that the circle shape is visually striking and unique to the product.


Designing the app

To design the app, Seymourpowell and Nu Skin needed to find out how it would be used by each individual customer – from those who know a lot about their skin to those who know nothing. They found that people’s views on their own skin can be very subjective, depending how they feel at the time.

In order to account for this, Seymourpowell designed the app to be visual, allowing users to create an image of their own skin tone and texture. In a statement, Ben Watson, associate design director, Seymourpowell says: “The app is a multi-sensory experience, encouraging the user to touch their face and look for visual clues, just as an expert would.”

Kevin Fuller, vice president of opportunity innovation at Nu Skin says, “Seymourpowell was able to quickly understand our vision, understand our sales leaders and customers, and create a design that communicates a true reimagining of the personal skin care experience.” 

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