Granada Group to unify subsidiaries with identity

Granada Group has continued to favour its in-house design team over external consultancies in its search for a new identity for subsidiary Granada Media Group.

A number of proposals for a new identity, to increase GMG’s presence in its 12 subsidiary companies, has been submitted by the in-house team.

GMG’s subsidiary companies are all in the business of entertainment and include London Weekend Television, Yorkshire Television, Granada Television and domestic sales and marketing arm, Laser.

GMG marketing manager Mark Fands says the group may choose one of the proposals in its entirety or get the designers to evolve one of their most suitable ideas. Fands hopes to reach a decision shortly.

“As a group we are looking to leverage the Granada brand by putting it [more fully] in the subsidiary companies, many of which make no mention of Granada,” says Fands.

Details of the exact relationship between GMG and its subsidiary brands are yet to be finalised. Fands envisages something similar to the Virgin arrangement, whereby the Virgin name plays a dominant role in its subsidiaries’ branding.

“With Yorkshire TV, for example, we will probably stay with the existing logo, but say it is part of the Granada Media Group in places like headed note paper,” says Fands.

The in-house team has just created the new name and is now finalising a new identity for Granada International, formerly known as Bright. It sells Granada-made programmes to a worldwide audience.

Fands says similar changes may be made to the branding of further GMG subsidiaries.

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