Dutch bank on Conran identity

One of Europe’s largest investment banks, ABN AMBRO Hoare Govett, has unveiled a new identity designed by Sebastian Conran PID. The bank is the largest in the Netherlands.

The consultancy, which has been working with the Dutch retail arm of ABN AMRO on its research literature, was asked to look at the project when ABN AMRO purchased Hoare Govett to develop its investment banking business.

Sebastian Conran says PID worked with strategic management consultant SRU to put a proposal together suggesting Hoare Govett be included in the brand name. “It was decided that the Hoare Govett name was strong enough to use and we started work on the identity,” he says.

An identity designed by Landor for the retail arm ABN AMBRO has been “evolved to make it more suitable for the investment arm”, according to Conran. “We’ve included the two names and introduced the Hoare Govett blue to the Landor identity. What was just a shield before is now a complete livery,” says Conran.

The new identity is being used globally on about 100 pieces of corporate literature.

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