Ziggurat brews new identity for beer baron

Sweden’s second biggest brewer, Spendrup’s, is launching a new corporate identity by London consultancy Ziggurat. The consultancy has also created packaging for a new beer brand.

The new identity is being launched this month in Sweden, and over the next two months in export markets, including the UK.

Spendrup’s appointed Ziggurat because of its experience in international brand design, says joint owner Ulf Spendrup.

Ziggurat dispensed with the existing “popular 1980s yuppie image” in favour of reviving the family’s heritage of brewing beer. Two ancestors are given a role within framed medallions, and swathes of hops and barley complete the logo.

The new premium lager beer packaging is dominated by the logo. The beer will be launched into the UK market in April. The new identity is being applied to stationery, vehicles and signs.

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