Were independent global groups left out of Top 100 trawl?

Having now been through the Top 100 survey I was a bit surprised by the lack of focus or reference to international growth and development. At a time when the international aspects of the industry are becoming more and more important, I was surprised to see that DW seemed to have narrowed its focus.

Not only were the ‘overseas offices’ figures submitted by the consultancies not included in any of the data published, but when looking at the ‘global network’ aspects Bob Willott focused only on the publicly listed businesses. With much criticism around the listed groups and their way of working, lack of support for the industry and so on, we believe that the independent model has a lot to offer for clients, staff and the future well-being of the industry.

As an independent, international business with offices in five countries (and expanding) and turnover of more than €40m (£27m) – we think there would have been some interesting issues to comment upon.

Ian Farnfield, Director, Dragon, London W2

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