16 March 1995

Chelsea Design Week

Sunday 19 March – 35 exhibitors showing items relating to interior design. The first four days are open to trade only, with the last day open to the public.

Ericsson and Nokia take Caesar awards

The Ericsson GH337 is the winner of the Mobile Phone of the Year in Cellnet’s Awards for Excellence, Service and Reliability (Caesar). Ericsson also won the top award last year.

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Northwick Park Hospital, near Harrow, is the first to try the new Patientline compact TV and phone system designed by Cambridge Product Design. The wall-mounted unit offers every patient a

Design blamed for work misery

Designers are to blame for making people miserable in their working environments, according to a study from the Building Research Establishment. Engineers and designers often overlook the needs of the

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The industrial design team at Xyratex has created the R9000, a new RAID storage subsystem that’s ideal for designers who want to add large amounts of storage to an existing

Metal Guru

David Mellor’s success has come in one of the most difficult areas: design/manufacture. Jos&#233 Manser reports on the illustrious career of Britain’s foremost metal worker

Effective work by CSD

The Chartered Society of Designers is distributing a new publication, Managing Design to Sharpen Effectiveness, to the Business Link network. Compiled from case studies of the CSD’s Business & Design

The Typographic Circle lecture

Wednesday 12 April – Editorial designer Fred Woodward will be showing and discussing his work, including award-winning work on Rolling Stone Magazine.

Tesco shops for new design head

Three top retailers have been hunting for design heads, with two of the companies restructuring their design departments. Supermarket chain Tesco is set to announce a new design manager next

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