Anonymous East End taggers captured on camera

Hats off to Steve Winney, who’s put aside his PR for Visible Edge disguise momentarily to remind us he’s the same person who won a Design Week Award for his design group Eureka! and, more to the point, only does the spinning to fund his photographic endeavours.

His exhibition at The Spitz Gallery in London’s Spitalfields, which runs until 4 November, records the ‘doodlings, marks and messages creative people have left around the East End’. This being a Hoxton thing, we’re talking stencillism.

Some graffiti is arty and crafty, some more urban and urgent, Winney suggests. Hence the title he’s chosen for the show, Artist: Unknown, because you never know who the real creator is.

Printed with Iris inkjet technology on ‘handmade photorag’, his images certainly capture the texture of the terrain. You’ll feel like you’re back on Shoreditch High Street.

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