Better time management without harming creativity

I would fully endorse the fact that the industry has shown other professions what it takes to get the job done by working long hours. But there is a limit.

I have never believed in burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. The myth has surrounded the industry for years that this is the only way to win awards. Yes, it does take hard work and long hours to produce our product, but unless we the get balance right, people will burn out before their time.

The other reason why designers work long hours is that too many people say ‘yes’ when they should have stopped, thought about it and talked it through.

I have long believed that it is not the design consultancy that wastes the money and the time, but poor clients with poor project planning.

We are a service-oriented industry and tight deadlines come with the territory. However, the only truly scarce commodity we have as people and as designers is time. The creative challenge now facing us, as the pace of life seemingly becomes more manic, is how to manage this scarce and valuable commodity properly.

It will require a greater understanding of the creative process and the discipline of time management within the creative environment, along with the experience of designers who know how to turn off the creative tap without losing the integrity of the work.

Rod Petrie

Holding board director

Design Bridge

London EC1

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