Groups collaborate on branding to discover children’s learning centre

Youth branding group Fold7 has been commissioned to design visual guidelines, including identity and logotype, for an emerging children’s learning centre.

Discover, based in east London, is aimed at improving literacy levels among children from a variety of backgrounds. Fold7 has been conducting workshops with the centre, interiors group Bremner and Orr Design Associates and the children themselves, to produce visual images that will stimulate pupils’ imagination.

Specifically, Fold7 is to create an alien character called Hootah (pictured) who has arrived on Earth to collect stories and take them back to his home planet.

Discover had initially worked with Identica on a pro bono basis, though centre director Peter Eatherley says the children’s view on Hootah has since moved on, spurring it to appoint Fold7. The consultancy will produce a logo, identity and brand templates by mid-November, with the centre due to open in late spring 2003.

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