Liverpool launches City Design Guide

A design and development guide for Liverpool is being launched by the Liverpool Architecture and Design Trust. The trust is an independent charity set up in l995 by a partnership of private and public sector bodies.

The guide aims to make urban design, planning and development more accessible to architects and planners as well as to the community in general.

The guide will provide a range of design guidance material in various formats including leaflets, books, videos, slide packs and CD-Roms which will be available at the end of March. A series of forums has also been scheduled, covering a number of relevant topics. The Design Guide working group will be chaired by Tony Flannery of architect Brock Carmichael Associates.

“If the public becomes more aware of what they allow to happen in their environment, then the professionals would have to provide it,” says the Trust’s Director, Tony Woof.

“It’s a sensitive area but it’s getting sufficient support to lead us to think that better quality development is supported through the City Council’s departments in the future,” he says.

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