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What is the best piece of design you’ve seen or your highlight of the design calendar, this year? What is the appeal?

‘Selfridges Birmingham uplifts the spirit and liberates the imagination and Factory’s saucepan design (see page ten) for arthritis sufferers gives people independence of action. Both show how great design can transform lives.’

Dilys Maltby, Partner, Circus

‘Part of Orange’s brand guidelines is a poster that seems to be a boringly flat expanse of orange ink. Close up, a small paragraph of text states “too much orange” in view. Pin the poster on a wall it says, then stand back for a more sympathetic balance between “orange” and “surrounding material”. A simple message beautifully demonstrated on a human scale.’

Malcolm Garrett, Digital designer

‘Good design is becoming ubiquitous and can be celebrated and experienced in daily life – from Tate Modern’s Weather Project to Future Systems’ Selfridges. It’s been a year of eclectic personal choice from the affordable ornate baroque with Tord Boontje’s Habitat chandelier to the minimal purity and pleasure of the iPod.’

Dale Russell, Partner, Russell Studio

‘Foster and Partners’ Swiss Re building has grown from an alien skeleton on the skyline into one of my favourite buildings. It reflects light beautifully during the day and at night, with its green lasers, looks like a Christmas tree.’

Brian Webb, Founder, Webb & Webb

‘The Hippo-Roller replaces hand- or head-carried 5-gallon jugs with 20-gallon capacity barrels that can be rolled across most terrain. In remote villages in South Africa it has increased the amount of water transported from a water source while diminishing the impact of landmines.’

Scott Williams, Partner, A2-Graphic/SW/HK

‘Sony Ericsson’s T610 camera phone is a perfect balance of emotional quality, format and features. The competitors are scratching their heads, but it’s refreshing Apple isn’t the only large corporation using design in the right way!’

Martin Darbyshire, Managing director, Tangerine

‘Casson Mann and UNA’s work on the Sparking Reaction exhibit at Sellafield. The way the animated type worked on the large screens was phenomenal.’

Michael Johnson, Creative director, Johnson Banks

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