Big prizes for Bristol design winners

Bristol Media, a design promotion body, is launching a contest next month where designers will be able to win a substantial investment fund made available to creative and media companies in Bristol.

The contest is called Goldbrick 6 and is being launched by Bristol Media as part of a wider strategy to establish a more dynamic design community in the South West region. For the competition, designers and companies will present work to a board of six local entrepreneurs in the hope of winning £600 000 to invest.

Additionally, Bristol Media will launch a recruitment drive aimed at luring professionals working in London to relocate to the region.

The campaign will target those in the digital, broadcast, film, marketing, post production, design, PR, animation, media, publishing, photography and music professions.

The group also intends to engage creative businesses located in Bristol and will host a series of talks and socials, as well as a two-day event that explores industry-related issues, such as how best to grow and develop a business.

‘The design industry is vibrant in Bristol, but it is quite ad hoc and still primarily cottage based. We want to make the scene more dynamic and exciting,’ says Mike Bennett (pictured), chairman of Bristol Media and joint managing director at E3 Media.

Bristol Media was set up last summer. The organisation currently has 1500 individual members and 800 company members.

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