Royal Mail will have a job filling Robinson’s shoes

Your news report of the retirement of Barry Robinson as design director of Royal Mail (News, DW 4 July), while acknowledging his team’s achievements and accolades, could have done more to recognise exactly why he has been such an inspired commissioner of design and illustration.

His interest in and encyclopaedic knowledge of the image makers producing the most interesting work relied not only on a nose for the new and innovative, but also a recognition of a body of work. Little wonder that to design a set of stamps has been regarded as such an accolade.

An object lesson to young designers, who alas have lost the ability and confidence necessary to commission freelance practitioners, and probably more important, the wit to then allow them to produce their best work without interference.

It will be a shame if Royal Mail does not make strenuous efforts to appoint a worthy successor.

Allan Manham

The Artworks (The international agency for exceptional artists)

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