Most letters are the same shape in different fonts

I hate to whinge, but every so often there are letters featured in Design Week where a sharp-eyed creative has spotted that a recently designed identity/ marque/ logo is similar to an older already established design.

For example, the comparison between the Winful Associates and Watson Wyatt identities in the letters page (DW 4 October).

I feel criticism is a little unjust in the instance where a client and/ or designer has elected to go for the company name plus company initials route.

After all, most letters are the same shape regardless of font, and even if hand-drawn the basic letter shape has to be retained for purposes of legibility.

Perhaps I am showing a lack of creativity, but in the creativity versus legibility fight, legibility often has to win.

I recently created a logo using the initials ‘W’ and ‘M’, I cunningly linked the two forming a zig-zag then applied a reasonable number of Photoshop filters for good measure… pure genius.

Mike Zoeller

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