Is the Golden Jubilee going to donate any money it makes to charity?

No, free design does not have to be dull design. C&FD has designed the annual report for The Passage, a charity for homeless people, free of charge for the past five years (we have persuaded printers, paper manufacturers and photographers to donate their services to the project as well).

Our 1999 report won the annual report category of the Design Week Awards and the Premieré Prix International at the Idéal Premier Awards; our 2000 report won the Charities’ Annual Report and Accounts Award and was said by the judges to be “streets ahead of the competition”.

Without making further comment on Nicholas Jenkins Design’s logo for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, maybe we should be asking why that organisation needs it done for free anyway? Is it going to donate any money it makes to charity?

Adrianne LeMan

Managing director


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