A big thank you to Brewer Riddiford

Working late last Wednesday, a friend, rather the worse for alcohol, rang me to tell me that the Nikon camera packs I’d designed while working at Brewer Riddiford (DW 30 May 1997) had won the award for Best Branded Packaging in the Design Week Awards.

Obviously, I was delighted. It’s unfortunate that I had left Brewer Riddiford before the awards, otherwise I could have gone along. However, I did get a call from one of my former colleagues first thing the next morning congratulating me and announcing that the whole company was going out to celebrate and would I like to come along.

I went over to the studio and had a drink with all the people there. They even got me to pose with the award and, after copious amounts of drink, presented me with two bottles of champagne.

A big thank you to DW and the judges for the award and an even bigger thank you to Brewer Riddiford for its hospitality, and recognition. I wish it all the best for the future.

Richard Haywood

London W13

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