Blue, Sony’s in-house graphic design studio, has created a new identity for Sony sub-brand Higher Ground. The label’s roster of artists includes Groove Rider and DJ Rap. A ‘hard, no-nonsense image’ was required by the brief, leading Blue designer Leigh Smith to use an image of a bass bin and speaker to suggest live performance, plus a distressed typeface.

Newton’s Apple Schnapps spirit follows hot on the heels of HP Bulmer’s cider and peach Schnapps mix, Schnapper, by PI Design (DW 13 March). Campbell Distillers brought in Nine Yards Consultants to create Newton’s name, brand and packaging, aimed specifically but not exclusively at women. The name, meant to conjure up images of Sir Isaac Newton, is thought by some consumers to refer to the state of being as pissed as a small reptile, says Nine Yards partner Simon Massey. He believes Schnapps is unexploited by drinks manufacturers. The product is being test-marketed in Tesco and in bars and clubs in London, the South East and Scotland.

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