PizzaExpress brings “at home” range in line with restaurant brand

PizzaExpress’ At Home range has been given a new look and feel by Bulletproof, which is hoping to introduce more Pizza Express restaurant customers to the supermarket products through its new design.


PizzaExpress has overhauled the packaging of its “at home” range to consolidate its “one brand” strategy by bringing the PizzaExpress restaurant and retail brands closer together.

Bulletproof has led the redesign of the range of 36 products and began working on it in April 2015 after it worked on the identity.

With the packaging Bulletproof says it has looked to make the most of the PizzaExpress branding by using it in an “unapologetic and heroic way.”

Bold, handwritten typography

Bold, handwritten typography has been introduced for “authenticity” and to help shoppers navigate the range more easily.

To differentiate the standard, (classic) and premium (Romana) tiers a black palette has been introduced to the Romana tiers. Silver foil on the branding and matt and gloss varnishing helps emphasise the premium qualities according to the consultancy.

For the classic pizza range, the background colour is dependent on each flavor variant.

Pasta, bread and dressings also use bold colours to aid shelf stand out and the dressings in particular use a cap and sleeve with the PizzaExpress branding and stripes.

“Shunning category norms”

Bulletproof says it has “shunned category norms” by reducing the size of the product window and instead opted for product photography shot by food photographer Andy Seymour.

“Our design solution delivers a bold and unified portfolio that is filled with all the authenticity and passion of the brand, while also capturing the imagination and taste buds of the consumer,” says Bulletproof.




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  • Harrison Reed May 5, 2016 at 11:28 am

    Overall – I like the this new look. However, one thing bothering me is the script typography of the Pizza names going right across the pack. It looks like one of those free handwriting fonts thats been slanted in illustrator…. Surely after doing such a great job with the photography and colour palette, the designers could have finished the job off properly by using a hand lettering artist?! Also, grammatically shouldn’t the pizza names all start with capital letters?

  • C G May 5, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    Packaging was completely lost amongst the other competition in the supermarket I was in (& I was looking for them!) Only realised they were there because others were complaining they couldn’t see enough of the pizza they were buying.

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