DesignStudio creates identity for car-sharing service Turo

The consultancy has created a “directional” identity for the service, which lets people rent out their cars to other drivers.


DesignStudio has created a new identity for car-sharing service Turo, which was formerly known as RelayRides.

Turo was set up in 2009 in the US and aims to connect car-renters directly to vehicle owners.

The service lets car-owners rent their vehicle out when they are not using it. Turo says it covers car-owners with liability insurance worth $1 million and round-the-clock roadside assistance.

The company says: “On average, cars sit idle 92% of the time – Turo puts these cars to work.”

The rebrand project was led by DesignStudio’s San Francisco office and ran for nine months.

DesignStudio says: “Throughout the process, we rented more than 40 cars through Turo’s service — and even put up our own personal cars for rent.

“We lived in the spirit of the brand, infusing that sense of adventure into every step of our process — even down to how we presented to the Turo team. Instead of presenting in a boring conference room, we hosted our design presentation at a local San Francisco GoKart track.”

The consultancy says it has aimed to create a new identity that is “simple, clear and directional – encouraging all of us to get out there and start our next adventure”.

The name, which was developed with Lexicon, aims to evoke “elements of speed and energy” and to align with “a more advenTUROus spirit”.

The new identity uses colour in a “simple, selective and secondary manner”, DesignStudio says. The consultancy adds: “This allows for the owners’ cars and renters’ aspirations to form the colour story.”

DesignStudio has also introduced a series of serif typefaces, which it says gives a “more refined, editorial tone” and “breaks the industry mould”.

The consultancy also created a brand film, in collaboration with Camp4 Collective, and a user-generated Turo blog called Adventure Stories.

Pete McClelland, creative director on the project, says: “The design direction stands for the starting point of our journey, inspiring us all to head out in the right direction and start that next adventure — creating a visual call to action.

“After exploring a massive range of directions — from scripted wordmarks to illustrative standalone symbols — the full team rallied around this final direction as it is supports Turo’s positioning as a confident, pioneering brand.”

Turo currently only operates in the US, but is looking to expand internationally next year.






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