This one goes out to Dick Murray … Respect!

It has been noted by Fudge graphic designer David Eccles that Williams Murray Hamm partner and DW columnist Richard Murray has been ‘moonlighting on a global scale’.

Explaining that ‘I am not in the habit of shopping people’, Eccles claims it is the first occasion that he has done so.

‘I cannot believe this person’s web of deceit has been allowed to go on for so long; not only earning massive respect within the design industry but also within his other chosen profession,’ he adds.

‘Where is he working?’ I hear you ask. As Eccles says: ‘Murray has had it good for far too long. Not only does he get free invites to design awards dinners, but he graces many of the world’s top venues for free and is worshipped by millions as his alias… Radio One DJ Pete Tong.’

Concerned that the revelations will force Murray into making a decision about his career , Eccles adds: ‘It would mean a great deal to us if he would consider keeping his Friday night spot on the radio.’

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