Up, up and away in my beautiful…

Berkshire design group Entranet has created a website for a ground-breaking challenge involving explorer David Hempelman-Adams flying over the Arctic Ocean and reaching the North Pole in a balloon with an open wicker basket.

The adventure will take place between the end of March and the beginning of May, when meteorological conditions are at their most conducive. If he succeeds, Hempelman-Adams will be the first person to finish the 1000-mile trip, which begins in Spitzbergen, Norway and will take about five days.

The site (www.brittanic.co.uk) will carry the latest news of the Britannic Challenge and allow people to pose questions to the intrepid explorer.

Entranet managing director Nick Spooner says: It shows the Web’s power as a source of live news/ info, on anything from financial markets to balloon flights over the Arctic Circle.’

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