Holiday babe gets around

The lock of hair falling over her forehead is blonde and plaited. Her skin has that reddish tinge and you know it’s going to hurt like hell the next day. Her hands rest delicately on the sand as if it is a tabletop.

This is summer 1996. In summer 1991 the forehead lock was brunette and loose and the hands sticky with suntan oil and sand. The nose was shinier, daubed with oil, the image more realistic.

But really quite similar. Club 18-30’s 1991 brochure designed by Hertfordshire’s Darwell Holland and Twentys’ current brochure designed by Main Artery in

London show models in remarkably uniform poses. “The hair has gone blonde and a few wrinkles have appeared, perhaps the result of lying in the sun for the past five years,” says Darwell Holland production manager Diane Board.

Twentys is “amazed” by the coincidence and swears it knew absolutely nothing.

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