Toothpaste may never seem the same again! Not an awful lot of people are aware of this, but most toothpastes contain a substance made from animal bones.

So the new packaging for South African toothpaste brand Dentazyme cashes in on achieving the vegetarian tick of approval, not to mention the equally important but less prominent halal tick for Moslems.

Client M&M Cosmetics, South Africa’s third largest toiletries producer, is about to launch Dentazyme into global markets including Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the US.

Baker Jazdzewski, now renamed Curious, has designed the new look to push the four key attributes of the toothpaste: its cinnamint and citrus mint flavours, its suitability for vegetarians, the fact it is halal, and its refreshing qualities.

Senior designer Katie Bergin takes up the story: ‘A lot of toothpastes on the market use block colours, bands of colour and simple, flat colours. We thought it might be nice to bring in something visually more interesting, especially for when you take it out of the pack and put it in your bathroom.’

The graphics are on a background of a splash of water – ‘obviously refreshing and cleansing,’ says Bergin – and foil block brings out the sparklingly clean idea. The branding is diagonal to differentiate Dentazyme from its competitors.

Nothing is mentioned on the pack of the brand’s South African origin. Consumers apparently don’t yet rate ‘Made in South Africa’ as synonymous with quality.

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  • Sheila Gadhia November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Where can I buy this vege toothpaste I live in leicester

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